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Our Retailers represent your product to a global market while providing a community face.

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Access from any timeline, members view published content and link to collections.

Upload your content and marketing materials to collections. Then upload individual tracks.

Advertise to highly focused market. Publisher ads are both local and global.

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Message Retailers and Members, and reply. One message to all of your retailers is a very powerful tool.

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If people love what you create and can make money selling your work, it's a win, win situation.

Uploading your original songs, merchandise, tickets, videos, and books onto Muezbiz, gives your fans access to sell your products. Fans can easily set up simple stores, then sell your products in clubs. All in one location.

Muezbiz is an umbrella brand serving potentially millions of members, a lot of them retailers.

Three ways to upload your products. Both are easy to follow with links located on your home page after you’ve joined.

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