Welcome Retailers.

Love to share? ... How about being paid money for sharing what you love?

Muezbiz gives Member Shoppers the ability to support local Member Retailers.

With a world of products at local Retailer’s fingertips, Muezbiz Retailers have the same economic leverage as larger business models.

Once you have signed up to be a Muezbiz retailer you begin by declaring your default genre and region. Then you will be directed to defining your stores. See sample pages below.

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Member Store accessible along local and global timelines.

A Collection is a group of related products that includes: albums, individual recordings, tickets to performances, videos, and merchandise.

Easily set up genre related stores adding product.

Select a store on 'Define Stores' page. Begin to add products to your new store.

You can easily delete products.

Advertise to a highly focused market.

Retailer ads are sent to your local timeline and to the genre of your choice. Ads for retailers are extremely inexpensive.

Message Shoppers and Reply Back

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Muezbiz gives you a means to profit from your interests. Enjoy setting up a simple store, building clubs, and reaching out to like minded communities.

Setting up a store couldn't be easier. Filling your shelves with products is as easy as selecting them, then tapping the ADD button. Available products are already filtered within your pre-defined interest or genra. Even setting up a merchants account couldn't be easier. All in one location.

For our memeber Retailers, there are membership levels available, starting with free and progressing with service options. From the most simple arrangements to the more complex, we are here to serve and help build your business from ground up.

When people come first, expect to get to know your neighbors. Just like our “Ma and Pa” stores from the past. Your neighbors will want to build a trusting relationship and through their transactions know they are supporting someone local.

You can join as a member shopper and retailer. Begin today and see how Muezbiz can unfold a whole new way to make money on-line.