Our Team

John ColePercolator at El Farole

At this point of development, the team is me.

As of today, January 2017, for 16-months I have worked non-stop, 10-hours a day, to bring a dream to life. It is a thrill to have been able to bring Muezbiz to this point in development. Full launch for the beta is a couple months away. Right now I'm spending time in marketing development.

I'm very fortunate to have had my parent's genes giving me a stubborn persistence to help me through these months developing the site. As I demo the site around Santa Fe, it's refreshing to say, "See for yourself what Muezbiz can bring."

I am thankful for the folks who have helped me here and there, getting me through some tough coding. I thank my cousin Nancy, who spends her days as the Boston Red Sox nutritionist for helping me with our marketing tag line, "Supporting Your MusicHood." Thanks to my friends who shared their ears when I was stumbling around trying to communicate the idea. Lastly and most importantly, thanks to my loving wife Karen who for months has shown unsurmountable support and love as I traversed through the development of my dream ... Muezbiz.

Looking for skilled people

On a more serious note. Luckily, because of my efforts to build this site on my own, I don't owe anyone any money. I don't expect this site to grow at a fast pace but one never knows these days. If you, or anyone you know has the skills and can believe in the Muezbiz idea, I'm always interested in talking. I know I'll be needing folks down the road with a variety of related skills: developers, finance people, sales, etc. It's hard for me to determine this early. Right now I have a pretty empty folder that's willing to hear what interested folks have to say.

Mobile Apps. I plan to work on mobility this year. I have the foundation built, the next steps will be to link basic data structures into mobile interface. Won't it be cool to drive from Santa Fe to Albuquerque and have all the events within your chosen genre reflect your location.

John Cole

The idea guy

E-mail: info@muezbiz.com

Mobile text: (505) 577-6270

Santa Fe, NM 87507 USA

My portrait above, was taken by Santa Fe, New Mexico photographer Coad Miller.
I was playing mandolin at El Farol during Tone Forest's Tuesday night blues jam.